I Need Your Help: Tablet or PC?

I Need Your Help: Tablet or PC?

I think I already know the answer, but I wanted to get the opinion of some fellow tech junkies.  My husband’s budget laptop, the very one I complained about recently, is on its way out.  The thing is driving us nuts, and it isn’t worth fixing.  Since we will have the opportunity to replace it, we have been debating whether or not to get a tablet instead of another laptop.

My husband doesn’t use his computer that much.  He checks Facebook, looks at Craigslist, and occasionally watches a movie from DVD.  He would like to have photos on  his machine, and play games once in a while. 

For all of his needs except the DVD watching, a tablet would probably work just fine.  He rarely types, and is a hunt and peck kind of guy anyway, so the lack of a keyboard wouldn’t be an issue.  In fact, he might prefer the onscreen keyboard anyway – autocorrect is very handy when you’re not a fast typist.

I know you can get software to burn DVDs to a drive, but that costs a lot of money, doesn’t it?  Watching online is an option now, but we may be moving to a new place where Internet could be limited for a while, and I’d hate to deny him the occasional movie by choosing a tablet.

So, what are the options for DVDs?  Is there a way to connect an external DVD player to a tablet?  I just know he would love a tablet, except for that minor detail.  Any suggestions?