Lux Programmable Thermostat

Lux Programmable Thermostat

The days of leaving your house’s thermostat to seventy degrees throughout the winter months are long over.  With the cost of energy being what it is, it is important that your household does not use any more than necessary.  Due to this fact, it is crucial that every house in cold climate zones have a programmable thermostat.

Remember the old mechanical thermostats?  Hopefully you have long since made the transition to a digital, programmable unit.  I was not very happy with the selections that I was finding at the big box stores.  Most of the thermostats I saw were all plastic and very little screen.  I’d much rather have the opposite.  Luckily, I stumbled across a manufacturer that thinks so too.

Although they are not a household name, Lux manufactures some very nice higher end thermostats.  I initially noticed them because of their sleek, flat faces.  The unit pictured here is the Lux TX9000TS.  Most of its operations are performed on the touch screen.  While there are no buttons, there are two switches located in back of a fold down door.  The switches control the mode (heat, cold, or off), and the fan (auto or on).  While these two switches are found on almost every thermostat, I like the fact that Lux found a way to hide them in a stylish manner.

Navigating through the TX9000TS is a breeze, due to the touch screen.  I say “navigating” because this unit is practically like a little computer.  After setting up the date and time, you can program your own heating schedule for all seven days of the week.  If this seems like too much, there is a default Energy Star scheduling option as well.

This thermostat has an override feature, so you can make temporary temperature adjustments without losing your programmed schedule.  It can tell you when you need to change the heating system’s filter.  It also has an energy usage monitor, which allows you to see track the system’s fuel consumption on both a day to day and an overall level. 

If all of these features weren’t enough, there are two more that Lux incorporated to get you to choose their product.  You can set a four-digit code that unlocks the thermostat.  Much like a screen saver password, a person can’t operate the machine without the code.  And lastly, just touch the bottom right of the unit to activate the light.  So there’s no more blinding yourself with the overhead light just to turn down the heat for the night.