The New 8GB Nook Tablets

The New 8GB Nook Tablets

Barnes & Noble now gives us three tablets to choose from.

Rumors had been swirling that a new -- and cheaper -- Nook Tablet would seen be available for consumers to purchase. And it is now official. An 8GB version of the tablet is being launched by Barnes & Noble.

The price is $199, which is the same price point as the Kindle Fire. That price point will likely put the two in fierce competition for consumer dollars.

Some of the differences between the old Nook and the new Nook. The new Nook has a reduced ram when compared to the previous version. In fact, it has 50 percent less memory.  The new ram only has 8GB of RAM on board, but it does come with microSD card slot. The older Nook, which is still available, comes with 16GB of storage.

In other Barnes & Noble developments, the company is lowering the price of its Nook Color as well. We will see a drop in price for that device, which will now retail for a price of $169. This drop in price of the Nook Color is making this gadget cheaper than the Kindle Touch.

It seems like the $199 is the number when it comes to selling these tablets, so Barnes & Noble found a way to make their Nook Tablet available at that price. Granted it comes with less memory, but with the mircroSD card slot, they may not be an issue for consumers.

So, now Barnes & Noble now gives us three tablets to choose from depending on our price point. Competition among these retailers is turning out to be a very good thing indeed.