Organize Your Cables In Style

Organize Your Cables In Style

Get rid of the signature techie mess with these clever accessories

If you're anything like me, the area around your desk looks like the nest of some electronic  bird-beast; there are wires everywhere, some so tangled up with each other that they will likely never be salvaged. I don't even understand how some of the knots under my desk are physically possible, yet there they are, bunched up and irritating and keeping me from easily retrieving a USB line when I need one. I've tried making my own organizational systems by coiling up and storing cables when they're not in use, but I have so many wires that are constantly being used or semi-used that the whole area remains a mess. Luckily for me and my disorganized ilk, there are several solutions out there in the world that help keep cables neat and separate. Some of them are pretty sharp-looking, too. Here are just a few tools you can use to keep your workspace from being a cyclone of plastic-coated copper.

Cordies Cable Organizers: These might look more like brass knuckles or some other handheld weapon than a device for keeping your wires in place, but they'll actually hold USB and charging cables wherever you want them. No more hunting for that iPod cable; just insert the tip into one of four loops and you'll always know where it is. Not only does this organizer keep cables in place, it also protects them from the unnecessary damage incurred when you pull one wire out of a whole nest of them. 

Command Adhesive Cord Clips: These versatile little guys give you essentially unlimited control over where your cords go. Not only can you coil up your unused cords and loop them through these hooks on the edge of your desk, your wall, wherever, you can also thread cables through multiple hooks to keep them in place while you're using them. Create a whole network of wires if you like. Divert them wherever you want. 

Ballou Projects Power Lines: These are pretty much the classiest option for organizing cables ever in the history of all things. Instead of hiding your wires away where you can't see them, embrace their display by looping them across two miniature pylons. Suddenly, your desk isn't just a mess of cables and gadgets. It's a tiny landscape complete with tiny power lines. Complete the look with a city built from your Lego collection if you like. It's your desk.