Revealed: iPhone tracks much more than just location!

Revealed: iPhone tracks much more than just location!

Yesterday, the tech world was sent reeling with the shocking revelation that Apple iPhones have been tracking your location and storing it on your phone in a secret file.

Security researchers uncovered the file, which contains the cell phone triangulation location history of the phone. Adding to the problem is the fact that users were not aware that the phone was doing this. Even more shocking, the only way to turn off the tracking is to turn off the phone.

Visiting an adult bookstore? Shooting at the gun range? Hitting the beach when you called in sick? You had better turn off your iPhone unless you want to get busted.

An Apple spokesman tried to defend the practice saying something like, "If you want to receive calls when you fly to Las Vegas, the system has to know that you're in Las Vegas" Sounds like a snow-job to us.

The real shocker is that today, a second independent security research team exposed that the surrepticious data tracking is bigger than we ever thought.

Independent security analysis has shown that the iPhone is tracking all calls, emails, contact lists, calendar appointments, even text messages. It seems that the whole smart phone is nothing more than a huge life tracking device.

This time, the data theft is worse, because the iPhone shares your call list with your carrier. Users have confirmed that on both AT&T and Verizon, buried deep within their monthly statement was an ominous list detailing every single call made on the iPhone. That's right, the iPhone is sharing your calling records with your carrier. Not only do they transmit the time and duration of the call, but the exact number you dialed. It's one thing to track the minutes, but why should AT&T or Verizon ever know who you're calling?

This may be the biggest breach of privacy ever committed by a device - and Apple has known about it all along!

We're expecting that this latest breach of trust will result in a huge outcry of public condemnation. As for this author, I've had enough. I'm switching to Android! I heard that its so private even the person you try to call doesn't know.

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