SodaStream Machines

SodaStream Machines

Gotta love the bubbly.

This past year has been such a lucky one for my family in terms of many things—including technology. The techie fairies must know that we’ve been struggling financially, so they’ve sent us all kinds of gadgets for free via our friends! I’m not kidding; via my best friend I’ve been given a Kindle and a cell phone (so my husband and I finally have one each rather than sharing a single one); my husband won a Blu-ray player out of a $1 raffle (OK, so we spent a buck on it!), and a buddy of his recently gave us his SodaStream since he doesn’t use it anymore. Can I say our cups runneth over here?

I have been happy with all of these gifts (how could you not be when they’re free, right?), but my new favorite must be the SodaStream. I can have sparkling water whenever I want! This is a huge deal because that’s something that I love but we no longer buy due to cost (I used to buy cans of orange and lemon-flavored sparkling water), so now I can have it. I just have to figure out the flavoring part…

My husband’s friend also gave us two flavors of soda to try. We haven’t had the Cranberry yet but we’ve had the Half-and-Half tea/lemonade combination from Country Time and I love it. I am a big Arnold Palmer fan anyway, so that’s no surprise. It’s very strong stuff, though, so some people may want to use less than a full capful when loading the machine.

The first two bottles we made were awesome, but lately they have not been holding their fizz. You can see the fizz when you pump it into the bottles, but once you have them in the fridge they start to lose it—I mean immediately! They are supposed to hold their fizz for up to two weeks or something like that, so I don’t understand why when I first open them they go flat. Perhaps we’re not doing it correctly; we followed the directions on the website. Maybe it’s out of carbon—my husband’s friend said it was pretty much brand new, but maybe it’s out or something. Any ideas?

If you’re going to buy this machine, I’d say go for it if you love carbonated beverages and want to spend less money overall (especially on carbonated water). You can only add the carbon to water itself, then mix with the mixers—so if you are planning on using it with, say, Crystal Lite, just mix up a tiny batch of the mixture (a whole liter with a small amount of water) to use as your own “concentrate.” If you don’t drink a lot of carbon—or if you’re a soda drinker and you find out that you don’t like the flavors available—you may not like it.