Waterproof Power Tools?

Waterproof Power Tools?

Anyone who reads this column is probably aware of the fact that I have made Ridgid power tools my first choice for most power tools.  You guys are probably going to think that I work for them after I tell you about my experience from Thursday night.

The Spring Thaw is not a good time to be moving into a new house.  I say this because I moved into my new place to find parts of the basement full of water.  After a quick investigation, I realized that the gutters were draining directly into the foundation.  No leaders had been installed to move the water away from the house.

But by the time I realized this the damage was done.  I think most of New England’s record breaking snowfall total ended up soaking its way through my foundation.  This unfortunate fact determined much of my week, as someone had to be around to constantly get rid of the accumulating water.

So after working early in the week to get the basement dry, I next decided to install the leaders that the previous owners had not.  I thought I would be all set for the rain that was being predicted for Thursday night.

When the rain finally arrived, I checked on my recent work.  However, much of the joints between the multiple pieces were leaking.  So donning my rain jacket and a pair of kneepads, I got to work.  I soon realized I was going to have to design something with the pieces that I had in order to keep my next week free from basement drying duty. 

I went outside with my Ridgid compact 18-volt lithium ion drill and reciprocating saw.  I also brought my Ridgid flashlight and compact radio.  With Franz Ferdinand and The Black Keys keeping me company, I engineered a way to solve the situation.  It was so dire that I actually realized I may be “writing off” my tools in order to get the job done.

In the pouring rain, the drill drove and removed numerous screws throughout the three-hour ordeal. At one point, I looked over to see my drill lying in a puddle.  Part of the motor was literally submerged in water.  I picked it up, mentally crossed my fingers, and pulled the trigger.  It still worked.

As great as that was, I was even more impressed with the reciprocating saw.  Three different times, I had to cut the vertical downspouts- while they were rushing with water!  Again, I thought it would be the end of the tool.  It was so soaked that I put it inside so it could dry.  Later in the evening, all that was between me and the completion of my dreary project was a very large, overgrown bush.  I knew the saw would mow right through it, but I was nervous to even try to pull the trigger.  But needing to finish, I went for it.  In three quick cuts, the bush was gone.  I then finished running the last leader and went inside.

I put everything- the saw, drill, radio, and flashlight in front of a fan overnight.  I am pleased to say that this morning everything was in working order, and it all held up during the day.  I’ll let you know if anything fails in the near future.  If not, last night was yet another example of why I like the Ridgid brand.