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Use a Smartphone with Prepaid Phone Service

For many years, we paid the full price of having a national wireless phone plan.  That money can sure add up though, and when you need to start cutting corners, the $100 or more per month most families pay can be too much to handle.  Going to prepaid is a great option, but it used to mean you had to give up all the features if you had a smartphone.

Almost two years ago, we discovered Page Plus and dropped our national plan in favor of a monthly plan from them.  Since then, we have been using our Android smartphones, with full data and messaging capabilities, at about one-third of the price of our national plan. 

We used to be paying $180 for 700 minutes with unlimited texting and a data plan.  Now, for $29.95 my phone has 1,200 minutes, 3,000 texts and 100MB of data.  There is a higher plan for $55 that has unlimited talk, unlimited texting, and 500 MB of data.  If your smartphone is Wi-Fi enabled, this is probably enough data to see you through each month, as long as you are willing to give up streaming music and video while not on Wi-Fi.

Prepaid has its limitations, and I was worried about using too much data, but I never come close to using my 100MB since I leave it on Wi-Fi all the time.

For the budget conscious, this is a great way to save money but still enjoy the full features of a smartphone.  Be sure to contact Page Plus before you sign up to be sure your specific phone will work.